Why Prolates

I am pleased and excited to be sharing my very first blog with you! As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’. Through my 10 years of experience as a professional Physiotherapist and 7 years as a qualified Pilates Instructor, I hope to help explain to you how the body works and how our everyday lives can affect its functioning.

This blog is something I have been passionate about doing for a while now. Unfortunately, with the ever-growing demands and cuts in the NHS, time to speak to or even arrange an appointment with a medical professional is getting more challenging and people are often left without the help they need or resort to getting advice from individuals not appropriately qualified.

For sports professionals, there is an ever-growing need to be the best. Every extra percent that can help is another step towards beating the competition, which can be a difference of multiple million pounds, so not only is a quick recovery from injury important, but prevention and improving movement efficiency and mental readiness for a better performance.

I wish to educate you on how you can help yourself and what avenues to take towards efficient and pain free movement. I will look at current medical research and unravel the jargon for you. I also hope to inspire people to take up Pilates no matter what gender, age or level of fitness they are. The beauty of Pilates is you can adapt each exercise into various levels to suit different people. Please see the ‘What is Pilates?’ section for more details on how it can benefit you. I have taught male and female professional footballers, mother and babies, retirees over the age of 70 and pre-and post-operative patients to name a few. My classes are small and so there is more individual attention, but look out for exercises on here that may assist you.

If you would like to know more about me please check out the ‘About Lorna’ section in the top menu. Until the next post….

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I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates Instructor. Prolates is a combination of my knowledge and experience of the two. I hope to share with you advice on injury management and relevant medical research, as well as enlighten you on Modified Pilates, which can help with recovery from injury, prevention of injury and enhance performance. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries, for as Joseph Pilates said 'Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it, but to maintain it.'

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