Pilates is a series of movements that are focussed around a central core of stability, mainly the lumbo-pelvic region, providing a stable base for the rest of your joints to work from. Pilates helps to restore muscle balance to ensure effective and efficient quality movement. Done correctly it is great for rehabilitation, but also for prevention from injury.

In very broad terms, you have 2 types of muscles in your body, ones that move joints and ones that stabilise joints. If your stability muscles aren’t working properly then the movement muscles tighten up and shorten to try to regain some control, this can cause restricted movement, altered movement patterns and pain.

One of the main stabilisers, but not the only one by any means, is called the Transversus Abdominis (TA). This is your deepest abdominal muscle and wraps around you like a corset. All our Pilates strengthening exercises will require this muscle to be activated and it should be working the whole time we are moving around. Back/abdmoninal pain or surgery can switch it off. The video demonstrates how to activate this muscle.