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Wellness Weekend

5th-7th March, 2021

The past 12 months have been difficult in numerous ways. We want to give you some enjoyment and relaxation as well as something to put in your diaries! Let’s bring the spring in together! 

Each event is free to attend with optional donations to the Alzheimer’s Society.

What’s on:

Welcome the weekend with a mobility and strengthening Pilates class, wind down the week with a Meditation session afterwards. Start your Saturday off with a nourishing Yoga practice. In the afternoon get support on how to stick to those well intentioned good habits/ break bad habits. Slide into Sunday with some rejuvenating skin care tips and enjoy a soulful session with some self Reflexology (pun intended!)

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This weekend I bring you a selection of some of my go to people! Whether it be to de-stress with an awesome massage, treat myself with some skincare goodies, learn about different nutritional properties of specific foods & whether the hype is legit! Or relax with some feel good yoga & meditation.

The instructors & presenters all run their own small businesses local to me & really are some of the best in their field or work. Together we are stronger!

5th-7th March 2021


Friday 7pm Pilates

Friday 8pm Meditation

Saturday 11am Yoga

Saturday 4pm Positive Change Workshop

Sunday 10am Skincare tips

Sunday 11am Self Reflexology

Session Duration:
30-60 Minutes